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Salon Thrive offer for existing Yoonet Salons

Firstly, thank you for your loyalty, friendship and support over the years!

I left the hairdressing industry knowing I’d come back into it once I had the team, systems and skills I needed to create something beautiful. Hairdressing is in my blood and I’ve missed working closely with the industry since I left it.

Who are we today?

Today Yoonet employs 19 people full time, has every certification and accreditations I’ve been chasing for the past 3 years and is serving over 100 clients monthly. Our year on year growth has exceeded 120% and we are 92% recurring income. We are debt free and own 100% of the shares of the business.

We are fully incorporated in the Philippines, meaning the people that work for us are part of the business and we can manage all aspects of the operations of the business and create our own culture.

We started Local Search Marketing back in the early 2000’s with local search services and have gone on to become recognised by Business Blueprint, Australia’s premier entrepreneur mentoring community as the leading experts in this space. This is further confirmed by our upcoming partnership with Telstra as we provide business setup and relocation services to it’s customers Australia wide.

We are expected to see our operations expand to over 100 staff in the next 2 years.

What makes Salon Thrive different to Yoonet?

For the past 12 months we have been analyzing the salons sites we manage to learn what elements produce the best results. Ultimately you want as many new customers in your salon from our work and we have created a website framework that will far exceed your existing website's performance. We call this our Salon Thrive Foundations. Website, essential search engine optimisation, hosting, security, emails and support.

Together with this we have created software and services that will see your social media and website constantly updated with your beautiful work with minimal input from yourself. Our Promotions Builder service will help you create promotions in seconds and our highly efficient team will take care of the rest.

Our Ordering Ease service will help you order your retail and colour in less time than any other system that currently exists.

Our Salon Cloud framework will put your entire business at your fingertips allowing you to work smarter, faster and access your salons systems, team details and any projects you're working on from anywhere.

Our Local domination will provide you with a dedicated specialist to help you take your salon to new heights and ensure your long term success.

Salon Thrive and You

At our core is the appreciation of the salons that have supported us since the very beginning. Without you we would not have had the foundations to build upon in the early years. I’m passionate about becoming Australia’s leading website and support agency and leaving behind a legacy of salons we have helped Thrive.

Since I’ve left the industry I’ve been pondering over all the things that are unnecessarily hard about running a salon. Salon Thrive is a combination of the proven work we have been doing for our clients plus some bespoke solutions for salon owners.

We are offering all our existing Yoonet customers an exclusive offer to show you our appreciation and to invite you over to Salon Thrive.

Our Offer To your Salon

This package will give you area exclusivity and provide you with a platform and team support to take your salon to the next level.

Included Services


My Salon's Work

Local Domination

Marketing Concierge

We will convert your website over to our new framework, create all the apps needed to provide you the additional modules and define your exclusive service area. Salon Thrive is a one salon per suburb model and we are keen to work with you to ensure your long term success.

Retail Price

Setup Cost $9500+ gst
Monthly Cost $1700+gst

Our Offer To You

Setup Cost $3000+ gst
Monthly Cost $800+gst

I'm open to paying off the set up fees over a few month s and if you wish you set up a weekly transfer
to us to break up the monthly fees, that's no problem.

Salon Thrive & Eva Professional

As I’ve shared with you in person, if we’ve been able to catch up, I’ve partnered with Eva Professional so we can more holistically help your salon. I believe in Ian as a person and Eva as a product. The loyalty program offered to Eva salons is Salon Thrive Foundations. If you are interested in exploring the options available to you though being a Eva Professional salon please let me know and I can arrange more information form Ian.

You’ll save money on sign up costs and receive foundations and My Salon’s Work for $250 per month. It’s an amazing opportunity for salons and I’m really looking froward to all we will achieve with this partnership.

Please let me know if you’d like to proceed with Salon Thrive as an offering or if you would like to explore the combination of Salon Thrive and Eva Professional.


We can't wait to help you

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