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Stop Surviving &
Start Thriving

Our work will form the foundation for a sustainable, successful salon. Salon Thrive services includes a base set of tools and services optional modules.

Our core provides the email, hosting, website and search engine optimisation and ongoing support.

We have a set of bespoke solutions for salons that can be added to your membership and will ensure that your salon continues to innovate and the day to day grind of running a salon improved.

Salon Thrive Foundation

The foundation to all successful salons

Bespoke Salon Websites

A full service, enterprise level website to attract new clients and expose your salon to everyone looking for a new salon in your area. Websites we build and support for salons on average provide 9 new clients per week. We do this without discounting services, cheesy marketing or cheap gimmicks. We believe in clean, minimal sites that amplify your brand and showcase your skills.

Search Engine Optimisation

Beautiful websites are worthless on page two of Google. If all we were was a proven, trusted SEO company we would be your best friend, but we bundle this essential service with all we do. We have salons that have dominated search results for over a decade.


Emails might just be your least favourite part of running a business and to make matters worse 90% of salons have terrible set ups. We are geeks at heart and have solutions that will have you loving your inbox. G-Suite brings the power and simplicity of Gmail to your salon emails. We are G-Suite Partners with a large team of Google administrators on hand to support you.

Fanatical Support

Salon Thrive is a service offering from our parent company, Yoonet. Our team of developers, designers, computer scientists and customer support angels work in the background to make sure we provide you with a solid platform and are always at the ready to help you with anything you need. Adding blogs, new staff, changing your opening times and much more just became effortless!

Seemingly complex.
remarkably simple.

At the core of all our services are robust systems, simplicity and support. Everything we provide we support with industry leading customer satisfaction. You can also engage us know what we do for you is exclusive to your salon in your suburb.
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