Who is Behind Salon Thrive?

Meet founder and managing director of Salon Thrive Ben Carter, a third-generation hairdressing industry veteran. Growing up in salons and then going on to spend 13 years working in the industry gave Ben a unique understanding of the struggles of a salon owner.

During his career in the industry, he became known for working beyond his role as a sales rep to help salons gain new clients and work smarter. Of an evening Ben built up a sideline business offering marketing services to all types of businesses and eventually went onto starting Yoonet, an internet marketing agency.

Within two years Yoonet grew to 20 staff and Ben was recognised as a national expert in multiple areas by Business Blueprint and earned Google Partner accreditation. Yoonet has helped over 300 businesses and has improved the work-life balance of all it has served.

Salon Thrive was born from Ben's love of the hair industry. He misses the authenticity of salon owners and looks forward to helping more hairdressers in business.

Salon Thrive is essentially Yoonet for hair salons. A dedicated set of services created to help the hairdressing industry. You will see some crossover between Yoonet and Salon Thrive, sister companies in areas of billing and communication with the team.

Salon Thrive is a branch of Yoonet, just launched the beginning of 2017 but offering services that have been on offer for our industry heritage, incredible foundations and passion will see us rise to the top and help countless hair salon owners put more hair on the floor.

Ready to serve

We have a team of uber geeks and insanely talented designers. Our team is in Balanga, Philippines. We will surpass all expectations of quality, value and efficiency due to the talents of our team and quality of the systems that underpin us.

Our location allows us to provide high-end products at affordable prices now only but makes it possible to employ the best and brightest team members. We are the premier employer in our province and have a waiting list of over 200 people wanting to join us.

Ben oversees every project personally and drives the creative direction of the business daily.

Meet the team

You'll fall in love with working with us and the results we bring to your salon

Our Core Values


We are truthful and upfront about everything we do. We can't stand marketing spin and speak your language


We have enterprise level systems that will see us stand out against our competition


We approach our work in refined and focused and with one eye over our shoulder to see what is next for all we serve.


We know it's hard, we are aware the sacrifices, and with a full heart, we are here to help

Fun Filled

We smile every day and infect our clients with our awesomeness. Positivity is seeping from our pours.


We are invigorated to work every day. It's not a job for us, but a calling and the energy we emit is enough to power all we serve.

"I have been in the hairdressing business for nearly 25 years, I can honestly say that with the many different marketing companies and their representatives that I have had to deal with none have ever come close to Ben Carter.

Ben's attention to detail, customer service and his ability to unselfishly go above and beyond all expectations in every aspect of business never ceased to amaze and impress me.

To be able to trust someone with anything you ask of them is a rarity in this day and age, but with Ben there is never any doubt about any outcomes.

He is professional, personable and above all loyal and hard working."
Michelle Dee, Owner At Beauty Portfolio
Unit 3, 98 Merthyr Road New Farm 4005 Brisbane, Queensland